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Succeed in your studies without stress

The more I work with students, the more I realize the enormous pressure they put on their shoulders.

I have probably already explained that I have several jobs, the first in wellness (author, life coach and channel) and the second in teaching ( English teacher by video call). I've been doing my second job for a shorter time, even though I've already practiced it several times in my life, I really like passing on knowledge and advice.

I don't teach English to children, I need to have rich and varied exchanges with adults in a professional activity or with students. The latter do not have the time to have a rich general culture, only the culture of brainwashing, to the point of only thinking without 'feeling' anything true.

The day I decided to combine coaching with English lessons, the results were more obvious and my students were breathing again. Let me explain. Often, this involves training them for entrance exams to major schools or helping them pass tests that validate their diplomas.

Faced with these obligations and constraints, these young people feel 'sorted' for skills that they do not all have. Learning foreign languages is not innate for everyone. In addition, I detect a growing number of people with more or less severe dyslexia and for languages this proves problematic. Until the day I talk to them about intuition...

Intuition is not a magic wand, well almost. We have the knowledge we need, unfortunately it is locked in by the mind. When a person starts to think to find the answer, he is doomed to fail. The incredulous eyes of students when I tell them about intuition always make me smile.

My job should be called 'breaker', I break preconceived ideas, the limiting belief that you are not capable, that you will not succeed, I break the mind, I put it in its place and I silence it ! You've heard many times that believing we're worthless makes us that person. So why wouldn't it work the other way around? Will believing you can succeed be enough to succeed? The answer is yes !

Here it is only a question of approaching the subject, I will not reveal all of my technique to you, it is up to you to see if you feel the need to go further, if your curiosity is awakened. I have recently created a special session for students, or sessions of five. It's speed coaching, in 30 minutes, I give the keys to open the box to the right answers without thinking, that's precisely the goal - to silence the mind.

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