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Méditations à télécharger

How can a meditation session help me ?

When you book a healing session with Délassa, meditation is an important part. Meditation begins the path to opening the heart and soul feeling real peace and chasing negative thoughts.

Meditation helps evacuate your doubts and fears, during listening but also after as the benefits are made to last. The words they contain continue to work on your inner self long after the session is over.  

Its a deep and repairing process, the fruit of my work connecting with my guides to bring you peace and encouragement for the future. The first meditation in English, Chasing Fear, (there will be others) was recorded without text, directly channeling their amazing knowledge.

How do I use this meditation ?

Start by choosing the one you wish to download. The format is the most common one, mp3. In the near future there will be meditations for children too, equally adapted to the inner child of adults. These meditations should not be listened to whilst driving. Settle comfortably in an armchair or lying down on your bed (even if for grounding it is better to be sitting). 

There is no musical background so you can add your own relaxing music or just listen to the voice. The length of each meditation varies between 10 and 20 minutes, ideal for people who are not used to remaining in a meditative state. 

The most important part of a meditation is the power of visualisation. If you have difficulty seeing colors or images, or you feel you're not hearing all the words no matter. Use how you feel instead of what you see, your subconscious will absorb the words whatever.  The words will start their journey towards self-healing. Your mind and soul will be at peace and this relief will continue after the meditation. You can listen to it evenings before going to bed or in your lunch break, any time is perfect, use it whenever you feel the need. 

Do you have meditations for every situation ?

Yes, the list will be completed regularly, especially the English ones. If you have a specific need you can ask me by email 

Is one meditation enough for me to feel better ?

It's a good start but the rest will depend on you. If you book a full session you will have more tools to help you on your way and the result will be longer-lasting. Sometimes meditating becomes an accelerator in your desire to reach total peace and wellness.  But if all our worries disappeared in one meditation everyone would practice. 

And the difference between these and free Youtube meditations ?

It's quite normal to ask this question. On this site downloading is fast and simple, meaning your recording is with you wherever you are, on you cellphone or computer. The price is deliberately low, 1 euro for inner peace, worth it don't you think ? 

This form of vocal healing is unusual but extremely effective. Not only the words but the tone of voice is designed to help your worries and negative thoughts and even physical suffering, melt away.  

Out of respect for my work, please don't copy the recording for your friends and family. Everyone is responsible for himself and making the effort to download individually is important. It shows the person has the will to go forward and heal. A therapist pack is available on demand.


   Alison 00 33 (0)6 26 75 73 76

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