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Free your mind with phototherapy

A photo releases an emotion, a colour, an atmosphere and can even evoke long-buried memories, which come to the surface. I have been thinking about offering phototherapy sessions for some time, because for me taking photos is therapeutic and not just that.

Let's start at the beginning of my story. I always loved photography, my father gave me my first Russian camera when I was 18. I had fun taking some artistic photos, but the camera was made of heavy metal and when it broke I put it aside.

It wasn't until 2018 that I became interested in photography again. I needed it to illustrate my first oracles and I had already taken many macro photos that were a perfect solution.

Since then, I have been trying to perfect my skills, but without enough practice. A former member of a photo association, being surrounded by semi-professional photographers only fuelled my doubts. Photography is technical and even though it clears my head, I can quickly get annoyed when I can’t get the settings right while taking a photo.

Nevertheless, there is something extraordinary about discovering your work on a computer screen and the magic begins to operate. At the sight of a tiny insect captured by the lens, moments of life, colours, the mind is freed and the heart is joyful.

This last sentence represents, for me, the purpose of phototherapy, creating wonder, a lighter heart and a mind relieved of everyday worries.

If you are interested in face-to-face or video phototherapy sessions, you can contact me. If you don't yet feel ready to explore your emotions with my help, you can always download the photos available in store and work independently.

It is nevertheless a specialized approach, with an addition of comforting words generated by intuitive writing. It's good to release your emotions through photography, but will you be able to handle what happens next ? I'm here for you, whether it's past traumas, a desire to change your life or a breakup, I will support you.

The different sessions can be found here, the Phototherapy service will follow soon.

I hope you find beauty in everything that surrounds you, thus freeing your mind.

See you soon !

Sincerely, Alison

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