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Who am I ? 
Guide and intuitive writer

Hi there, I'm Alison and I'm so happy to welcome you to my universe.


I love photography, fitness, gardening and spending precious time with friends and family. However my real love has become my profession - intuitive writer


I take great pleasure in guiding clients towards a better understanding of themselves and their abilities... Today, the techniques I use (based on positive psychology and channelling) are adapted to your specific needs and will enable you to understand how to move forward. 

And in my work who am I ?

I'm a traveller of the unconscious mind and channel. 

I'm the one who opens doors and with the help of my guides questions your soul to find the answers to your questions. My intuitive connections will find the answers to precise questions about different aspects of your professional, personal or emotional life.  Whatever the guides have to say when I connect with them, I will communicate to you.


This guidance is not fortune-telling and is different for everyone. When I open the door to your unconscious mind, I can reveal its secrets and advice to you.  Even those who disbelieve, will find words bringing them peace, opening up areas previously closed and helping you find a way forward with hope. 


I work with my heart through total love and respect for others, because its only through love that we can find the light.


Délassa guidance* will bring you : 


- the reflexes to act at the right time 

- the keys to finding energy and motivation 

- self-estime and faith in your choices   

- a better emotional balance  

- success just around the corner.


These sessions will bring back your smile and help your heart sing again.  

​* This is not a medical practice (I am not a doctor) and I will never encourage your to stop taking prescribed medication. It is a way of finding inner peace in body and spirit. 

Every case is different, please call or write to me ( to explain why you wish to consult.  


I always dreamed of becoming a writer, this came true in 2018 with my first book of meditation (only in French for now). Rêver c'est guérir, is for children and the inner child of adults click here.  My blog is full of useful information concerning wellness and health issues. I haven't yet got round to translating it into English. I have written two personal development tools on positivity  31 jours pour changer sa vie and love 33 voies d'amour. My publications are only in French.


Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing my knowledge and positive energy. 

                                                                                        May love be with you all


            00 33 (0)6 26 75 73 76

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