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Biography Alison Bell

healer and writer 

Hi, I'm of English origin and also became French in February 14th 2018, sealing my love of France. The desire to relieve suffering in others started at an early age when I helped my grandfather recover from a stroke. We did the exercises together and I felt useful and whole.

After a varied career including many different fields (tourism, marketing, teaching, tv) the need to feel even more useful to society and help people was back again and pushing me to do something about it.  

Then began courses in different forms of wellness, Ayurvedic massage, reiki, holistic healing, magnetism. I was also inspired by the different disciplines I had tested as a "patient", hypnosis, acupuncture, sophrology. This experience gave me the confidence I needed to help others.

Today I'm a healer, masseur and writer working with only two tools, my voice and my hands. During the sessions, I first listen to your needs - by phone or Skype. I have experienced many traumas like you and I can help you overcome most, physically and emotionally. ​ I will then read you a meditation adapted to your needs and you will be ready to receive the healing part in the comfort of your own home. 

Looking after yourself is a necessity and should be your priority to stay in good health. 

By sharing my notions in positive psychology, you will leave the session with "tools" for a better handling of your everyday wellness as well as feeling light as a feather. Holistic therapy, the universal energy I "borrow", rebalances your chakras (energy centers) and stabilises your emotions.

This is not a medical practice (I am not a doctor). It is a way of finding inner peace in body and spirit. 

Every case is different, please call or write to me ( to explain why you wish to consult.  


I always dreamed of becoming a writer, this came true in 2018 with my first book of meditation (only in French for now). Rêver c'est guérir, is for children and the inner child of adults click here.  My blog is full of useful information concerning wellness and health issues. I haven't yet got round to translating it into English. I have written two personal development tools on positivity  31 jours pour changer sa vie and love 33 voies d'amour.


Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing my knowledge and positive energy. 

                                                                                        May love be with you all


            00 33 (0)6 26 75 73 76

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